WoW Club

  • RoleFrontend Development
  • Year2017
  • TeamParallel Labs

WOW Club is a travel club that organizes all-women trips across the world. The ‘Wow’ in WOW Club is short for Women on Wanderlust. They cater to an audience of modern, independent women who wants to explore the world. The overall goal was to put across their brand of being an exclusive travel club across the digital space. My role was to seamlessly translate the design to code that works across all platforms.

wow screen collage
wow journey section
wow payment section
Images taken from : Parallel Labs

Special attention was paid to add subtle transitions that would make the design feel more alive, all the while keeping in mind that nothing should come in the way of the flow of information. Every transition was well thought through so that all of it feels like a part of one cohesive flow.

wow animationwow animation
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