Enchanting Travels

  • RoleFrontend Development
  • Year2016-2018
  • TeamParallel Labs

Enchanting Travels offers tailor-made travel experiences across 40 countries, which has been operational for more than a decade now. I have had the opportunity to work on many of the different facets starting from customer-facing interface to their internal booking and management interface.

Being a part of a tight-knit team of designers and developers, rapid prototyping was a part of the process since day one, undertaking number of iterations based on internal reviews and most importantly through user testing. “Travelmaker”, their flagship product which helps the Travel Consultants in planning, booking trip itineraries, maintaining financial aspects of the booking and many other tasks like so, has evolved from version 0.5 to 2.0 during the course of time.

enchanting travels itinerary

We started with simple HTML & CSS prototypes and moved on to build the platform with VueJS. We also used Storybook that helps build the UI components while maintaining the design styleguide.

Maintaining a consistent design language while working on such a major application becomes a tough feat. The designers of the team created a visual language to overcome this challenge. I undertook the code refactor of the entire application to implement the new visual language to make the whole experience cohesive.

visual language collage
Image taken from : Parallel Labs

I believe every project no matter how big or small teaches you something you didn’t know before. I had a great learning experience while working on this particular project, I not only improved with leaps and bounds in the quality of code that I used to write but also learnt a great deal about teamwork and better time management.

  • I also learnt —
  • — how to collaborate with different teams situated in different places to gain maximum productivity and efficient results.
  • — the importance of communication with your teammates so that everyone is on the same page and working towards one common goal.
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