HTML can do that?

June 25, 2019  |   2 min read

After witnessing some awesome things CSS can do, it’s time for HTML to come in the same spotlight!

It’s amazing that you can do so much with just HTML.

1. Dropdown with searchable text

2. Dialog box

3. Measuring progress

Styling this is not an easy task, I agree! But there’s always some workaround and it’s nicely explained here - How to style progress element

4. Expand/collapse details

5. Show correct mobile keypad based on input type

6. Add a simple colour picker

7. Highlight text

Similar to email link with mailto we can also create a direct phone number link.

<a href="tel:+917272727272">+91-7272727272</a>

9. Show deletion and insertion of text

10. Edit page contents

Wish to make your own browser editor? You can do that too - How to make browser editor with html.

Note: Not all browsers have implemented these elements and attributes. But we can still use these today with progressive enhancements! 🙂

HTML is the foundation of any webpage, it’s only wise to pay real good attention to it. Semantic markup not only helps in SEO but also helps in accessibility.

If you’ve come across any such cool thing HTML is capable of, please mention below 😀

In other news, I made a silly project :

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